Video Game Reselling Guide – How to flip video games

Video game reselling can be a difficult field to master. It’s not uncommon for fresh resellers to see most or even all of their inventory go unsold. This guide will break down the processes needed to finally crack into this profitable industry starting from scratch and working your way up.

If you’re like most gaming enthusiasts, you probably have a lot of old video games lying around. Better still, maybe you want to start flipping video games as a side hustle or a business. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! There’s hope yet! You can make a side income by flipping video games if you follow the right strategy. Here are some tips for getting started:

Is it legal to resell games?

It largely depends on the laws in your respective country. In general, reselling games is generally considered legal provided that you are not using any false or misleading statements and that you are not charging excessive prices.

Additionally, it’s important to remember those game mods (especially those which alter gameplay) may be illegal depending on the jurisdiction. So, make sure to check with your local authorities before selling any of your games!

How do I get into reselling video games?

There are a few different ways that you can get into reselling video games. The first option is to start by creating a listing for your game on one of the major auction websites like eBay or GameStop Marketplace. Once your game is listed, you will need to provide information such as the condition of the game, instructions for how to play it, and any other relevant details.

You may also want to consider starting your own online store where you can sell games directly to consumers. This could be an excellent way to make some extra money and build up a customer base before selling through auction sites or retailers.

And finally, if you have experience in marketing or design, you may want to try setting up your own website and selling directly from there.

Whatever route that you choose, make sure that you research all of the options thoroughly before beginning your reselling journey!

How do you make money flipping games?

ebay website illustrating video game resell online

In general, you can make money by reselling games through online auction sites or retailers. You will need to set a starting price and bid against other buyers until you reach your desired purchase price.

Be sure to keep an eye on market conditions. If there are lots of new games being released that are popular among gamers, then prices for older titles may be lower than usual. And remember that there is always a risk involved when buying or selling anything online.

How much money can you make selling video games?

The amount of money that you can make selling video games will be heavily dependent on your skills and marketing efforts. However, if you have a strong portfolio of quality games and are able to market them well, achievable income ranges for video game sales range from $10,000 – $50,000 per year. This is based on average ticket prices and other factors such as competition and regionality. So it’s important to research which strategies work best for your business before starting out.

Where can I find games to resell?

There are a variety of places where you can find games to resell. You can browse online auction sites, retailers, or even Facebook groups devoted specifically to video game reselling. However, be sure to do your research first and ensure that the game that you are interested in selling is popular and has a high resale value.

15 Ways to find video games to resell

Find video games locally to resell at:

1. Pawn shops

2. Game stores: For example GameStop. Some game stores may have gaming sections where used games are sold, while others sell used video games online.

3. Grocery stores: Walmart and other similar grocery store chains often sell unopened video games for much lower prices than retail outlets like GameStop or best buy.

4. Flea markets

5. Garage sales and yard sales

6. Salvation army and thrift stores

8. You can do trade-ins of your old PS4 games for credit toward newer releases at GameStop. The trade-in value of your PS4 game will vary based on its condition and popularity (you might only get $10 off your next purchase). But if the new release is cheaper than what you paid originally, then it’s worth getting rid of some old titles!

Find video games online to resell at:

9. Amazon

10. eBay

11. Craigslist,

12. Facebook Marketplace

13. Facebook groups

14. OfferUp

15. Bonanza

Tips to get a discount when buying video games To sell

sale sign illustrating video game reselling tips for buying at a discount
  • Keep an eye on sales and promotions from game publishers like Microsoft and Sony
  • Use gift cards or coupons when available
  • Consider purchasing digital copies of games
  • Use price comparison sites like CamelCamelCamel or Slickdeals
  • Use social media
  • Check out online forums
  • Sign up for daily deal sites
  • Join a game subscription service
  • Check out bundles with multiple games at a discount
  •  Keep an eye out for coupons and sales from retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and GameStop (especially during the holidays)

7 types of video games to resell

There are many different types of video games to resell. Some are more popular than others, but all are worth flipping if you want to make some extra cash. Here are four types of video games that you can resell at a profit:

1. Collectible editions

collectible game listing on ebay illustrating collectible games as one of the options for video game reselling

There are plenty of collectible editions available for popular titles like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, but these editions typically cost more than their regular versions due to limited availability, which means there is room for profit. The most common collectible games are those released by Nintendo and PlayStation. These games are highly sought after by collectors and can fetch a high price on eBay or other sites.

2.“Retro” games

These are older games that have been released on retro consoles like the Super Nintendo or PlayStation. These games were originally designed for a younger audience, but due to their popularity among collectors, they can be quite expensive when sold online. Some popular “retro” titles include Super Mario World and Sonic The Hedgehog.

3. New releases

Newly released games have the highest demand and highest resale value. However, since they have such high demand, they also have very low supply and are often sold out at retailers before their release date. Often times new releases can be sold for less than their original retail price. This may be because they are released on Tuesday, but most sales come in on Friday or Saturday when people have time off from work or school.

4. Imported games

Nintendo games are very popular in the U.S., but they are not typically as popular in other countries. This means that there is a larger market for imported Nintendo games, which can be sold at a higher price due to the rarity of these titles. Imported game franchises like Mario, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros.’ tend to have high demand and high resale value because people outside of America want to purchase them.

5. Pre-owned games:

These are games that have been used and owned by someone else before you. Pre-owned games can be sold in practically any condition, as long as they are operational. This means that if the game still has the original box, instructions, and warranty card, it’s in good shape to sell. The most common way to find pre-owned games is at local game shops or through online classified ads.

6. Console bundles

Selling consoles as a whole is becoming more popular because they come with games, controllers, and other accessories. This is especially true for the Nintendo Switch, which comes packaged with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or the Xbox One S Minecraft bundle, or the PlayStation 4 Uncharted 4 bundle.

7. Limited edition games

These types of games are usually the most valuable of all. They come with unique features or bonus content that set them apart from regular editions and can be difficult (or even impossible) to find elsewhere.

These games are often released in very small quantities, meaning they may only be available for a short time period before they sell out. If you’re lucky enough to find one before it’s gone, you can expect to make a significant profit by selling it online on Marketplaces.

Platforms to resell your video games

Is there a market for old video games?

There are many different platforms where you can resell your video games, with some of them being more popular than others. We will break down these options into two categories: Reselling locally and online.

Platforms to resell video games locally

man in store buying games as one of the places to buy video game for reselling
  • GameStop
  • Pawn shops

Do pawn shops buy video games?

Some pawn shops do buy video games, but this is not always the case. It depends on the particular pawn shop and its policies. Generally, though, pawn shops are more likely to buy electronics and gaming equipment than video games.

How much can you pawn a PS4 for?

The amount of money that you can pawn your PS4 for will be heavily dependent on its condition and location. However, on average, a standard PS4 console can fetch between $100 – $200 at a pawn shop.

  • Flea markets
  • Garage sales and yard sales

Platforms To resell video games online

Here are the different platforms to consider when selling your video games online:


The most well-known reselling platform in the world. Amazon has an excellent reputation for customer service and a huge customer base. You can sell any type of video game on the platform, even if it’s used or discounted. 

How do I sell used games on Amazon?

There are a few different ways to sell used games on Amazon. You can use the “Selling Your Games and Consoles” feature on the Amazon website to list all of your games, as well as pricing and descriptions. You can also create an individual listing for each game, which gives you more control over the information that is displayed and allows you to add images.

How do I get approval for selling video games on Amazon?

There is no set process to follow, as approval for selling video games on Amazon comes down to the discretion of Amazon. However, following some common guidelines such as ensuring your games are in good condition and complying with their terms of service can help increase your chances of being approved.

Do you need permission to sell video games on Amazon?

No, you do not need permission to sell video games on Amazon. However, if you wish to list your games with a brand (ie. GameStop), they will require written authorization from the brand in order to participate.

Can anyone sell games on Amazon?

Yes, anyone can sell games on Amazon. However, you will need to meet the following requirements in order to list your games:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid amazon seller account
  • Be able to provide accurate product information (including weight and dimensions)


Another popular platform to sell your video games on. eBay is also one of the oldest resale platforms in existence. The downside to selling on eBay is that you won’t get as much money for your games compared to Amazon because there are so many other sellers trying to compete for your listing views! 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best places to find buyers who want to buy used items at a low price! You simply create a post advertising what you have for sale, then wait until someone buys it from you! There are millions of people using Facebook every day who will be interested in buying.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are becoming increasingly popular as a way for gamers to buy and sell games from each other directly through Facebook Messenger or email communication. These groups tend to be smaller than other platforms, which means there’s less competition when trying to sell something but also fewer buyers too!

The PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace – offer localized markets that might have less competition for what you’re looking for, but there’s no guarantee that will happen since their users are so much smaller than those on the other platforms mentioned above.


How do I sell on G2A?

When selling games on G2A, you will need to create an account and then add your products for sale. You will also need to set up a seller profile which includes detailed product information such as weight, dimensions, and images. Make sure that all of this information is correct before listing your game so that potential buyers can find it easily!


Craigslist is a great option for finding buyers who are looking to buy used games. Simply post an ad specifying what you have for sale, including the condition and price of the game. You will need to be prepared to meet in person or do a video call if someone chooses to purchase your game from you!


OfferUp is a great option for those who want to sell their games quickly and easily. Simply create an account, add your products for sale and specify the price you’re willing to accept.


Bonanza is a social trading and selling platform that lets users buy and sell products from other users. This can be a great option for selling video games, as there are often people looking to buy or trade them in!

Create your video game store on Shopify or Etsy

These platforms provide all the necessary tools for selling your video game products online. Both platforms have easy-to-use checkout processes and delivery options that make it easy for buyers to get their games quickly and easily!

7 things to remember when buying and selling video games

The video game resale market is a highly profitable business. In fact, it can be more profitable than selling physical copies of movies, music, and even books. But it’s also a lot more complicated than just purchasing something cheap and selling it for a profit. If you want to get into this business, here are seven things you need to remember:

1. Know Your Market

The first thing you need to do is learn about the market for the games that you want to buy and sell. You need to know what types of games are in demand and which ones are out of favor with the public. You should also study the price history of particular titles so that you can predict how much they’ll go for at different times throughout their lifecycle.

2. Buy Cheaply

The second thing that’s important when reselling video games is buying them cheaply. This means looking for sales at local stores or on online Marketplaces, as well as using coupons or rebates when available (these can sometimes be found on sites like Slickdeals).

One way many people make money reselling video games is by putting up ads on Craigslist advertising their wares at very low prices – sometimes even below cost – then driving around town collecting them once they find sellers.

3. Check the condition of items before buying or selling

It’s important to do a pre-buy inspection of any games you’re considering reselling because it can be easy to mistype the “9” key on an Xbox controller as the “A” key and end up playing your newly acquired game on an emulator rather than actually using it. It’s also important to check for broken discs, scratched cases, or other obvious damage before making a purchase.

4. Consider shipping costs when pricing items

When pricing games, it’s always important to consider the costs of shipping and handling. Shipping can be expensive, especially if you’re selling items internationally. And remember that things like customs fees can add a significant amount to the price of an item when it arrives at your door.

5. Be aware of scams

Is Gameflip safe?

There are two types of scams that people who resell video games should be aware of: physical copies and digital downloads. The first happens when someone sells you an item that doesn’t exist or doesn’t contain what they said it did (either because they sold it to someone else before you bought it or because they never actually had the item in the first place).

The second happens when someone sells you an item that they claim is rare, but really isn’t.

6. Chose your platforms carefully

When it comes to video games, a lot of people think that they can just sell them on any platform and be fine. But this isn’t always the case. Appealing to a certain type of buyer or using the wrong platform can lead to selling an item for much less than you would have if you had targeted your audience more carefully.

7. Be patient and wait for the right buyer

It can be frustrating to wait for the right buyer to come along, but this is one of the most important things that you can do when it comes to video game reselling. Waiting gives your items a chance to sell at their highest possible price, which means that you’ll make more money overall.

5 strategies for reselling video games faster

How do you sell games for a good price faster?

Here are some strategies for selling video games faster:

  • Listing the product at the right price.
  • Listing the product in the right place (Some platforms sell better than others).
  • List the product in the right condition.
  • List with high-quality photos.
  • Include the right description.


You can make money reselling video games if you follow the right strategy. There are a few things to keep in mind as you’re looking for ways to flip games:

  • Know what to look for. Some games have high resale value and some do not, so it’s important that you know what makes a game valuable before buying it.
  • Know where to look. Online marketplaces are often the best places for people who resell video games, but there are other options as well. You just need to know where your target audience might be hanging out!
  • Buy low and sell high. This is an old adage that works with pretty much any product on Earth, but especially with video games. This is because they have such fluctuating values depending upon popularity at any given time (and sometimes even within months).


We hope you found this guide helpful. All you need to do is find out the right market and act quickly. Before you know it, you will be sitting on piles of gold!

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