37 Best Part-Time Online Jobs That will pay your bills

If you’re looking for a side hustle, there are plenty of part-time online jobs that are perfect for those in search of something that doesn’t require a lot of travel or interaction with other people.

And if you’re not interested in working full-time from home, these part-time online jobs are perfect for you! You could even turn some of them into a side business.

Depending on your skill set and interests, these jobs will take anywhere from an hour or two up to about 15 hours per week.

Real part-time online jobs That pay significantly

Here is a list of the best part-time online jobs that pay well:

1. Affiliate marketing

two women on laptop doing affiliate marketing as one of the part time online jobs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online, and it’s easy to see why.

You can make money by selling other people’s products without having to invest any of your own time or money upfront!

How does affiliate marketing work?

An affiliate marketer is someone who sells products for another company and gets a commission on every sale they make.

Typically, you’ll promote a product through an affiliated link that you’ve earned.

When someone clicks through and buys something, you’ll get paid.

Some companies even offer recurring commissions for customers who sign up for their subscription service.

For example, Shopify and Tailwind have recurring commissions.

This means that if you convince a friend or family member to sign up with these services, then there’s a good chance your earnings won’t stop after just one month!

It’s important not only that these products are ones worth recommending since anyone could create their own links so long as they had access.

2. Blogger

laptop and book illustrating blogging as one of the part time online jobs

 Blogging is an easy and fun way to make money online, whether it be in fashion, travel, or food. Blogging can also be a great way to meet new people.

There are many different types of blogs that you can run, from a personal blog to a business blogging site.

If you want to try your hand at blogging, there are some things that you should know before getting started.

Here are some tips for starting a successful blog:

1) Make sure that your niche is something that you enjoy writing about

2) Create content that will be interesting to your readers

3) Make sure that you have a website or domain name that is easy for people to remember

4) Develop an SEO strategy so that people can find your site easily

There are many ways to make money blogging, including:

  • Affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products)
  • Online courses (teaching others)
  • Paid guest posting gigs (writing content for other blogs)
  • Selling ebooks (writing books or guides in exchange for payment)

3. Internet Research

Internet research is another one of the most popular part-time online jobs. The internet is a great place to search for information.

It’s easy to find the right things using a quality search engine.

Internet research is a popular way to make money online because it’s easy and flexible.

You don’t have to be at your computer all day long, and you can choose when to work and how much time you want to put into it.

Internet research involves finding information on the web and supplying it as an answer to someone’s question or request.

You might be looking up movie reviews or searching through news websites to find information about current events.

4. Podcasting

The podcast industry has seen a huge increase in the last few years.

It’s an industry that is still growing and there are opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Podcasting is a great way to make some extra money on the side, or even as your primary source of income.

You can create podcasts about any topic you are interested in.

This can then be used to help promote your business or brand.

You can even create podcasts for companies that don’t have one already!

Our favorite way to get started with this is through Anchor.

Anchor has everything you need to start creating your own podcast right away.

5. Product Reviewer

Product reviewers are in charge of writing up opinions about products.

This includes everything from beauty products to household goods to food and drinks.

They can be done on social media, such as Instagram or Twitter, or even on Amazon itself.

You may be asked to write a review of a specific brand or product.

Others will ask you to provide your thoughts on anything. From makeup brushes and hair ties to dish soap and cereal boxes.

Product reviewers can work with any type of product they want and write about whatever interests them most.

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6. Web Designer

If you’re a creative person and have an eye for design, web design could be your ideal career. Web design is also a work-from-home job that is flexible.

You can set your own times as long as you meet your client’s deadlines for projects.

Web designers are responsible for the overall look and structure of websites. Some of the tasks you will perform as a web designer include:

  • Designing layouts and graphics that enhance the website’s content
  • Creating original designs using software such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign
  • Writing code to make sure everything works smoothly on all devices (desktops, tablets, or smartphones)

7. Sale Agent on Amazon Seller Central Program (FBA Service)

If you’re an individual who has a product or service to sell, then Amazon is the best place you can start.

Amazon has over 300 million active customers and its platform allows the seller to use its website and logistics services to help them reach more customers.

Amazon Seller Central is the program that helps you sell your products on the Amazon marketplace.

Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) helps you store your inventory in fulfillment centers owned by amazon.

Here, they pick, pack, and ship items for you when a customer places an order.

8. Online Teacher

Teaching online is a great part-time online job to earn extra cash while also helping people learn.

There are a wide variety of online courses available on platforms like Teachable, Skillshare, Coursera, and Lynda.

You can teach just about anything: marketing, graphic design, yoga, and beyond!

To find these courses look up “online course” in your search engine of choice or check out these sites:

9. Medical Coder

Medical coding is another one of those remote jobs that you can do from home (or anywhere with a computer and Internet access).

You’ll need to have some medical knowledge and training (usually through an accredited course).

If you’re interested in becoming a medical coder, here are some resources you should check out:

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) offers a range of certification options for those interested in this field: https://www.aapc.com/ccs/certification-options

You can also find information about how to become certified on their website as well as several videos explaining what it’s like being a medical coder: https://www.aapc.com/content/what-does-it-mean-be-medical-coder

10. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great gig for those who have a passion for words and storytelling.

It’s not just about writing articles—you can also write scripts, brochures, and even books.

Freelance writers are paid on an hourly or per project basis by editors, companies, or private clients.

They often work remotely from home offices or coffee shops (or both!).

When you first start freelance writing, you will probably be pitching your services to established publications that pay well.

You can also try freelancing online directly with other companies like yours if they need help with copywriting projects.

You can also offer your services on freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or on your blog.

If you want to be a successful freelance writer, it is important to have good systems in place.

These systems should keep track of all the transactions you make as a freelance writer.

This way, you always know what is owed to you and when bills are due.

Many people who work as freelancers use separate software programs to help with their back-office work. This includes things like billing and tracking payments from clients.

freelancers often use software programs like Quickbooks Online which are very helpful in this area.

This is because they are able to save a lot of money by using these programs instead of buying expensive accounting software outright.

11. Website tester

Website testers, also known as web testers or beta testers, are the people who test websites before they’re launched.

They sign up to be part of a community that gets early access to new features.

In return for helping out with beta testing, you will receive free products or payments in the form of gift cards or Amazon gift cards.

The job description for this role is quite varied and can include:

  • Checking out different pages on a site;
  • Giving feedback about features;
  • Testing different browsers (e.g., Firefox or Chrome).

12. Online Researcher

If you’re looking for a part-time job that allows you to earn extra cash in your free time, then online research might be the perfect option.

You can do it from home, whenever you have time and there are no travel requirements.

All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.

Online research jobs are available on several sites including MTurk (Amazon), Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour.

The best part about these jobs is that they don’t require any specific skills or qualifications.

They instead test your ability to read and understand documents.

13. Captioning Jobs (Closed Captions)

Captioning is the process of taking audio and making it available to people who are hearing impaired.

This can be done live or with pre-recorded video. It requires a lot of careful attention to ensure that the captions are accurate.

If you’re hoping to get started with this type of work, there are several companies that hire captioners full-time or part-time:

All these companies offer training programs for new hires.

If you have experience writing scripts for presentations or events, then the job will come naturally to you.

It’s also helpful if you have an ear for dialogue—but even if not, there’s still high demand!

After all, no one wants their favorite show spoiled by missing words in subtitles!

14. Voice Over Work Jobs from Home

Voice-over work is basically the same as voice acting, but it’s typically more about speaking words rather than characters.

This means that you’re reading text for things like commercials, documentaries, audiobooks, corporate videos, and other similar projects.

If you’re interested in this type of work-from-home job, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You don’t necessarily have to be an actor to do voice-over work from home.

    A lot of people who do this kind of freelance gig just had some experience with public speaking or radio broadcasting.

    They then decided to pursue it further as a side hustle.
  • As far as requirements go for becoming a voice actor, all you need is a decent microphone and decent recording equipment.

    You can also use some free software like Audacity if you want something more affordable.*
  • You can get started with marketing yourself by posting on free platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr.

    There are plenty of opportunities available right now at those sites.*
  • Finally, there are plenty of websites where people post jobs like these so make sure to check out their job boards regularly!

15. Online Translator

 Translating is one of the best part-time online jobs. It’s great if you’re a language enthusiast.

It’s especially fun if you can translate from one language that you are fluent in into another language that you are not fluent in.

Online translating jobs are available for all levels of expertise.

Some of the websites where you can find opportunities as an online translator include:

Translate.com – This site is a crowdsourced translation website that allows you to translate documents and web pages into over 90 languages.

This can be done by either typing in the text or uploading a document or webpage.

You can also translate audio files, which is useful if you need to convert an audio file into another language.

You’ll get paid for each translation you complete, but the amount depends on the length and difficulty of the text.

There are also various bonuses available. These include completing multiple translations within a certain amount of time or uploading new content on the site.

TransPerfect – This company is known for hiring freelance translators who work with international clients.

They also offer additional training if needed

16. Virtual Assistant

 Virtual assistant jobs are a great way to work from home and make money.

These types of remote jobs are the new trend in the world of work, and they are growing in popularity every day.

Virtual assistants are people who provide services over the internet.

They can be hired by anyone, including businesses, companies, and individuals.

In order to become a virtual assistant, you will need to have specific skills and know-how in order to be able to help your clients with their needs.

A virtual assistant may do anything from answering emails, scheduling appointments, managing social media accounts, or even taking care of bookkeeping.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do as a virtual assistant.

Most people who start out as virtual assistants will work part-time from home while going to school or working another full-time job.

Once they get established and have built up their client base then they can turn it into a full-time career that works around their schedule.

If you would like to find out more about how you can become a virtual assistant then check out this article by Upwork: How To Become A Virtual Assistant

17. Content Creator

Content creators create content, such as blog posts, articles, and videos.

They may work for a specific company or on their own.

The important thing is that they have to have great writing skills and be able to create interesting content for various topics.

To become a content creator you need:

  • Good writing skills (English-language proficiency recommended)
  • Creative flair (you can experiment with different styles)

18. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for posting on behalf of a company or organization’s social accounts.

This includes creating, editing, and publishing content.

They also monitor the performance of posts to see which ones are most popular with audiences, as well as respond to comments from users.

In order to become a social media manager, you should have at least some experience in marketing or communications.

Also, have an understanding of basic digital marketing techniques like SEO (search engine optimization).

Be familiar with tools like Hootsuite that make it easier to manage multiple accounts at once.

The work itself can get pretty repetitive especially when you’re starting out. However, it does offer great opportunities for creativity and self-expression if you’re willing to put in the time!

If you do decide this is the right career path for you then here’s some good news: according to Glassdoor data collected earlier this year, average salaries range between $49K-$75K per year.

This depends on where someone lives within their respective state/province (i.e., USA).

19. Proofreader

Proofreading is one of the best part-time online jobs that you can do from home.

You need to have a good command of English, as well as an eye for detail and speed.

Proofreaders work with editors to ensure that everything is spelled correctly, punctuated appropriately, and formatted correctly before it goes to print.

A typical day will include reading through emails or documents written by others, looking for errors like spelling mistakes or misplaced commas.

This can be very tedious but also rewarding if there are no mistakes in the document you’re proofreading.

You will also spend some time checking grammar and sentence structure so that your writing makes sense without sounding too formal (or informal).

Proofreaders are needed for many different types of documents.

If you have the ability to spot errors and make corrections for them, proofreading is a great part-time gig.

Textbook publishing companies hire proofreaders to check their books before they publish them.

Copy editing jobs are available as well. With copy editing, you check the grammar and style of content produced by other writers or businesses.

This can be done remotely using an internet connection, which makes the job very flexible.

20. Bookkeeper

Man checking numbers on laptop and paper illustrating bookkeeping as one of the part time online jobs

Bookkeepers are the record-keepers of a company.

They maintain financial records, track all financial transactions and ensure that they’re recorded correctly.

A bookkeeper might also manage payroll, tax payments, and other important paperwork.

The job outlook for bookkeepers is strong overall.

As more businesses embrace online tools, there will be more opportunities for those who want to work remotely as independent contractors or consultants.

A growing number of small businesses are also hiring full-time employees with expertise in using accounting software.

So it may be easier to find a part-time or full time-time position than you think!

Salaries vary depending on where you live and what kind of work experience you have (if any).

According to the bureau of labor statistics data on Bookkeepers’ salaries, the average salary is $45k per year.

21. Customer Service Representative

If you love helping people and want to make some extra cash, then becoming a customer service representative may be a good fit for you.

These positions are available online, as well as in-person.

Customer service representatives help customers with questions about their accounts, products, or services.

The work of customer service representatives varies greatly depending on the company they work for and their specific role within it.

Some companies have teams of people dedicated to handling customer service issues by phone.

Others may have one person responsible for all customer interactions via email or social media platforms.

There are many companies that hire remote workers to be part of their team of customer service representatives including:

22. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio recordings and transcribes the information into written form.

The work can be done remotely, which makes it ideal for those looking for a flexible career option.

Transcription is used in many industries, including business, law, medicine, and education.

It can be a great way to make money from home if you have strong typing skills and are able to pay close attention while listening to audio files.

Some transcription jobs are available on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Others may require an application through a company’s website.

23. Online Moderator or Community Manager

woman on laptop moderating online forums illustrating online moderators as one of the part time online jobs

If you’re the kind of person who can moderate online forums, chat rooms, and social media effectively, then there are a number of companies that would love to have you on their team.

A moderator should be a good communicator and listener who knows how to keep the conversation flowing.

They need to be objective and fair in all situations, not just when it suits them or their employer’s interests.

Moderators are also required to be able to work independently as well as under pressure.

24. Product Tester

  • Product testing is an easy way to make money from home. You’ll earn money from trying out products from your own home or anywhere in the world.

    There’s no limit to how many companies you can work with!
  • This job comes with a lot of perks. It doesn’t require any special skills or qualifications.

    It’s flexible (you can work full-time or part-time)

25. SEO Specialist

If you are a specialist in search engine optimization, you can get a part-time job in this field.

You can find many freelance jobs on Fiverr.com and other freelancing websites such as Upwork.com and Guru.com.

For example, if you are good at SEO copywriting, then you can Copywrite articles for clients to help them improve their ranking on search engines like Google or Bing.

As an SEO specialist, your main task will be to make sure that the client’s website ranks well on search engines.

To do so, you need to optimize the content of their website so that it contains relevant keywords that people are likely to use when searching for something on Google or Bing.

You also need to ensure that the site is well designed so that users can easily navigate through it and find what they want quickly.

26. Graphic Designer and Creative Director (occasionally)

computer screen showing a graphic design as one of the part time online jobs

If you’re a creative type and have a passion for design, this job may be right up your alley.

As a graphic designer or creative director, you will be responsible for creating the visual elements of the company’s marketing efforts.

This could include logos, brochures, ads, or even web graphics—you name it!

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and/or other related fields (such as advertising).

The great thing about this job is that it can be done from home part-time on evenings and weekends.

The pay will vary depending on experience level. Generally, it ranges between $15-$30 per hour.

Some agencies pay upwards of $40 per hour to more experienced designers with experience working on prestigious projects like movie posters or album covers.

27. Data Entry

Data entry jobs are simple, easy, and fast. All you have to do is copy data from one source and paste it into another source.

There are a lot of sites available where you can make money by doing this type of work.

These sites pay you per page typed or copied. You can earn anywhere from $2 to $10 per page depending on the site you choose.

The best part about this type of work is that you can do it at any time of day or night, as long as there is an internet connection available.

The downside of data entry jobs is that they are very repetitive and boring.

Some people find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time without becoming bored with the task at hand.

Another downside is that most sites require very good typing skills in order for you to qualify for these jobs.

So if you’re not already a good typist then this job might not be for you!

28. Online Surveys

 You can earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and much more.

This is one of the most popular and widely used ways to earn free money online.

Working with survey sites is a great way to make some extra money from the comfort of your home.

You’ll be rewarded with cash or other prizes once you complete a set amount of surveys.

The best part? You get to pick and choose which surveys you take!

Survey Junkie is one of the top survey sites out there today and it’s completely free to join.

All you need is an email address and you’re good to go!

Once you sign up for Survey Junkie, you can start taking surveys whenever you like.

There are surveys available 24/7, so there will always be something for you to do!

Their site is very easy to use and intuitive. It only takes about 30 seconds for each survey, so it’s really not hard.

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29. Youtuber

woman making a video illustrating youtubers as on of the part time online jobs

 YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, and it has become a great place to find work.

If you’re good at creating videos, then you can get paid for them by YouTube.

Many people create their own channels and upload videos of their daily lives.

These videos can be about anything from pranks to makeup tutorials to the latest music news.

Video creation is not only a fun pastime, but it can also be a lucrative source of income.

There are various ways in which you can monetize these videos online, including through ad revenue or product placements.

30. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators are hired by search engines like Google and Yahoo! to evaluate their search engine results pages (SERPs) every day.

It is a great opportunity for beginners as there is no requirement of experience or skill set in this field.

You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access and basic computer skills.

This means that it could be your ideal job if you want some free time while enjoying your free time! You earn money per evaluation.

The pay may range from $10-50 depending on how many evaluations are assigned to you each day by your employer.

 31. Dropshipping

Drop shipping is a business model in which a retailer does not have to keep any products in stock.

They simply get the customer’s purchase order and pass it along to the manufacturer or wholesaler.

This business model is used by retailers to save money on inventory.

They don’t have to worry about stocking products, and the wholesaler or manufacturer takes care of shipping products to the customer.

When you become a drop shipper, you are able to work from home and make extra cash by selling items through your own website or social media pages.

The best part is that you don’t have to handle any of the shipping or customer services yourself.

As soon as someone places an order, you simply send it off to the supplier.

The supplier then handles the shipping and related customer services.

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32. Seller on Etsy

 Sellers on Etsy can make a decent living selling handmade items, vintage goods, and craft supplies.

To get started, you can sign up for a free account on Etsy.

This will let you browse the site and get an idea of what other sellers are offering.

Next, find a niche that has room for growth. If you sell handmade hats, for example, there may be plenty of hat makers on Etsy.

However, no one may be selling hats made out of hemp twine and rabbit fur (or whatever).

Once you’ve identified your niche, start searching for suppliers who can help create what you need.

For example, to sell handmade hats made of different materials, you would need to find someone who makes those materials commercially.

This person would then be able to provide them in bulk at a reasonable price per unit

Then set up an Etsy shop with all the relevant information about each product.

Including photos and descriptions — so potential customers know exactly what they’re getting.

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33. Sell Your Photos Online

 Selling your photos online is a great way to make some extra money.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have an expensive camera. If you have a camera and know how to use it, you can sell your photos online.

There are many places where you can sell your photos online.

The two best-known sites are iStockPhoto and Shutterstock.

Both of these sites offer high prices for your photos — as much as $500 per image!

There are plenty of other ways to sell your images:

Sell Your Photos Through Your Blog or Website

If you already have an established blog or website, there’s no reason not to start selling your photos through it.

This will give you more exposure than selling through a single website like iStockPhoto or Shutterstock.

34. Video Editor

Many people like to do video editing from home because it doesn’t involve a lot of technical knowledge.

You can make money by editing videos for other people and businesses.

They will use these edited videos to show off their products or services.

To start making money, you can offer your services on Fiverr or create a blog where you sell your services

To become a video editor, you will need some basic skills.

However, it is not difficult to learn and once you get started, you’ll find that there are many different ways to make money with this type of job

If you are new to video editing, I would recommend starting off with free programs like Shotcut, or Kdenlive.

These programs are not too technical and anyone can use them without any prior experience.

You can learn how to edit videos by watching YouTube tutorials like this one:

35. Technical Support Representative

 If you want to work from home, you can find a job in technical support. The best part is that most of these jobs are part-time and pay well.

Technical support representatives help customers troubleshoot problems with their computers and other devices.

Your job is to help the customer resolve their problem as quickly as possible.

You will be assisting the customer over the phone or via email, helping them to get the help they need as soon as possible.

The first step to becoming a technical support representative is to get your foot in the door at an established company.

You can do this by applying for an entry-level position at companies hiring on sites like indeed.com

36. Tax Preparer

 One way to find a part-time job is to look for tax preparation opportunities.

This will help you get a job that suits your needs and interests.

When you prepare taxes for people, you can either do it in person or online.

Both methods are good and useful. However, the online option is better because it allows you to work from anywhere and at any time during the year.

If you are ready to become a tax preparer, there are plenty of companies that will help you get started.

Some of them even offer training so that you can become licensed as an Enrolled Agent (EA).

This is the highest level of professional certification for income tax return preparers.

If you have experience working with numbers and math, then this type of job could be perfect for you.

37. Virtual Travel Agent

man making a call as a virtual travel agent illustrating virtual travel gent as one of the part time online jobs

 Virtual travel agent jobs are a great way to make money from home.

If you have a passion for travel and enjoy helping others, then this is a great opportunity for you!

What is a Virtual Travel Agent?

A virtual travel agent is a business that helps people book airline tickets, hotel reservations, and other vacation packages.

They can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet.

How Much Can You Make?

The more hours you work, the more money you will earn.

You will also earn money if your company has bonuses or incentives in place.

In general, it’s possible to earn between $500-$1000 per month with part-time work.


There are so many more online jobs that you can do from home without much experience or specific skills.

These are just a few of my top favorite ones.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you search for an online job:

  • Before applying for a job, make sure to check out Trustpilot.

    This website will help you find out if the company you are interested in has been verified by the site.
  • This will help to prevent scammers from making fraudulent offers in order to get your personal information.

    Your information can be used to steal money from your bank account in the future.

I hope this article has helped you find something for yourself and maybe even inspired you to try something new!

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