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So, if you are looking to brand yourself online, on social media, or launching a new business and don’t know what tools you need to look professional from the start,I believe Tailor Brands may be the right fit for you to provide you with everything you need to get started.The process starts with using the tailor Brands logo maker

When I first started, I was in the same situation as you.

I was looking for a quick and easy way to get branding.

Initially, I was only interested in a logo, and I experimented with a few online logo design options such such as fiverr and brandcrowd.

 I was looking for something simple at the time, and I liked the one I got from tailor brands.

In today’s review, I’ll give you a comprehensive overview of tailor brands logomaker, including their strengths and weaknesses, as well as discuss the other logo design options I considered to help you make the best choice and decision.

See where tailor brands rank in my other article about the ten best sites for logo design.

2. Tailor Brands Features

Tailor Brands actually has all of the tools you’ll need for your new business.

I don’t use all of these tools because I already had some of them when I discovered Tailor brands and was only looking for logo design,

 but I would have definitely considered using all of them if I had known about them from the beginning.

For example, they provide domains and website building services, which I did not require because I already used Bluehost for hosting and namecheap for domain registration.

Let’s take a closer look at tailor brands logo maker, as well as my own experience with them.

Logo Design

How does tailor brands logo maker work?

Tailor brands is powered by AI

As a result, you’ll have to create your own logo.

When you get to the tailor brands home page, you type in your business name and the magic begins with a few clicks.

You answer a few questions, and your logo is generated at the end based on your preferences.

To view your logo, you must first create an account with tailor Brands.

 Once you’ve created an account and purchased your logo, you can always make changes later.

Logo File Formats

JPJ,PNJ, and EPS file formats are available from Tailor Brands.

You may want to obtain the EPS ( Encapsulated PostScript ) file format because it will be very useful depending on the nature of your business.This file format is available in the standard and premium package only.

This is a high-definition file format for printing images. If you want your logo to be printed on a t-shirt, for example, this is the file type you’ll need.

Content Planner

Tailor brand’s content planner is included free of charge with all of its plans.

When I looked into it, I discovered that it provides you with ideas for social media posts, ensuring that you never run out of ideas.

It has a nice design but lacks the full social media content planner that other softwares have. But it’s a welcome addition.

They also claim that if you use their content calendar, post on social media, and tag them in your post, they will like it.

The planner can also be synced with Google Calendar, which is useful if you primarily use Google Calendar for planning.

Your logo from tailor brands comes with these extra features and downloads as you will see below

Holiday logo

All plans include the holiday logo feature as well.

By updating your logo to match each holiday, you can give the impression that your business is up to date and current.

Tailor Brands offers two holiday logos based on upcoming holidays. A limitation of this feature is that it cannot be customized.

However, each logo has two options to choose from, which isn’t a bad thing.

Business Cards

This was one of the features that drew my attention to tailor brands.

The business cards appear to be clean and professional. They provide both digital and standard print business cards.

Having business cards makes you appear more professional and serious.

Instead of giving people your contact information verbally, you can simply hand them your business card, which contains all of your company’s contact information.

However, only digital cards are available on all plans. The print option is only available on the standard and premium plans.

Brand Book

Tailor Brands offers a free brand book with instructions on how to use your logo.

This includes details about the color options for your specific logo.

I used the guide in my designs and it helped me to keep everything consistent in terms of color choices.

I don’t have anything negative to say about it. They did an excellent job of explaining how to use your logo on various background types, in my opinion.

Presentation Template

Your logo download includes a 14-slide branded and customizable business presentation template.

This, however, is only available on the standard and premium plans.

Personally, I haven’t used this one yet because I haven’t needed it.

However, if you’re going to be giving presentations about your company, it looks cool and professional to have.

Business Deck

This feature provides you with three editable branded templates.

You can use these templates to create business proposals, letterheads, and invoices for your company.

I haven’t used this feature yet. This feature is only available on certain plans.

Is it worth it? It is dependent on the situation.

If you like having everything in one place, why not add this to the other features you already have from them? However, this feature is available for free from other sources, such as Microsoft Word.

The thing is, the one you get from tailor brands is branded and unique to you.

So far, we’ve discussed the tailor brands features that are included when you purchase your logo, depending on the plan you choose.

What about the other features that will fully cover your business? Let’s take a look at them.

Tailor Brands' Website Builder Review

So you’ve created a cool business name, a logo design, and some branding tools from tailor brands.

Do you want to have a website for your business? If you said yes, you’ll need three things.

The first is domain name registration, followed by hosting and finally a website builder.

Fortunately, tailor brands provides domain registration and website building for roughly the same price as major domain registration sites.

Do I make use of it? Not really, because my website was already up and running by the time I learned about tailor brands.

I use bluehost and namecheap, which are slightly less expensive for the same services as tailor brands.I also use elementor for website building

However, if you want to register a domain and get a website for your business quickly, tailor brands make it easy for you by having you answer a few questions and your website is automatically built.

They also offer an option to hire a professional to design an advanced website.

Business Mailbox

A business mail box allows you to have an email account with your domain name, such as blank@yourdomainname.com, which looks more professional and unique than email accounts with @gmail.com or @yahoo.com.

Would you take a company like Apple seriously if you received an email from them with an email address ending in @yahoo.com or @gmail.com? Most likely not.

As you can see, tailor brands claim that they will provide this to you once you purchase a domain name.

Graphic Design

Tailor brands provides a free graphic design tool that you can use to create content for social media, flyers, ads, and more.

Other design software, such as Canva, does the same thing.

However, it is a welcome addition from tailor Brands, especially since your designs will be automatically branded.

Print Store

To be honest, I didn’t like my logo on tailor brands at first.

The fact that they showed me how my logo looks on various items in their print store, particularly the t-shirt, was the single most important factor in my liking my logo.

You can have your logo printed on t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, greeting cards, and other items in their print store.

These printings can be used to promote your business.

However, keep in mind that you must purchase the items you print from the print store as they are not included in the plans.


What exactly is the significance of a trademark?

A trademark distinguishes your business in the marketplace and keeps others from impersonating you. It also provides legal protection for your business.

More information is available at the 
US Patent and Trademark Office.

Tailor Brands offers this feature by submitting your registration to the
USPTO, the official website for obtaining a trademark.


The last but not least feature provided by tailor brands is an LLC for your business .

This is not a requirement, but rather a recommendation .

Having a llc for your business provides additional benefits such as having employees and making your business official.

3. Tailor Brands' Pricing

What we discussed in the second part of the features and services provided by tailor brands has a set price.

The features discussed in the first part are part of a plan.

The pricing is subscription-based and divided into three levels: basic, standard, and premium.

As shown in the illustration. Which do you prefer? Subscription or pay as you go?

However, for those who only want specific services, this may not be the best option. That’s why I thought they should have offered pay as you go pricing options like Fiverr and Looka.

4. Tailor Brands Pros and Cons

  1. Pros
    • Good value for the price
    • Fast and Easy to use 
    • Useful features
    • Professional looking business  tools
  2. Cons
    • Limited pricing options
    • Limited support and contact options
    •  limited customization

5. Tailor Brands Customer Service

What is tailor brands contact number? Unfortunately tailor brands does not currently have that option at the time of this publication.

I haven’t really tested their customer service yet since I haven’t run into any issues so far.

However I think their support is limited since you can only contact them via email, forum and on social media.

6. Tailor Brands Alternatives

Tailor Brands is an online logo maker founded in 2014. It is powered by AI and the logos come with tools for businesses such as branded business cards etc.

Even though Tailor brands has over 30 million customers worldwide, it’s not accredited by better business bureau. 

But they have been around for a while and have put up a reputation. 

As with every subscription service, customer service is very important. This I don’t know yet but we’ll find out down the road. 

Tailor brands is subscription based only. There are no free trials or free products offered at the time of this publication

You start with making your logo by answering a few questions and your logo is automatically generated using AI. 

Then other branding tools are included with your logo

Depends on what you’re looking for. 

If you are looking for everything your business needs in one place then tailor brands may be ideal for you. 

For my personal experience I was interested only in the logo but added other things as time went by. 

I’m only interested in some of the tools since I have some from other sources.Which tailor brands tools do you prefer? I’d appreciate it if you could tell me.

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