7 Best Places To Buy Used Panties Securely & Anonymously

Are you planning to buy used panties online but worried about privacy and security? I bet this must be the question if you are new to this. Don’t worry, I am here to help you out with all such relevant information that will make you understand how to buy panties online securely and anonymously.

Is it Safe and Legal to Buy Used Panties?

The legality of purchasing used panties varies by location but is generally allowed. It can be safe if you buy from trustworthy sellers who provide discreet packaging and payment options. Always read reviews and policies to ensure a satisfactory experience.

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Is it “normal” for people to like worn panties?

It is “normal” for people to like worn panties. A lot of people do, but it is not something they will openly admit to.

There are many reasons why someone might find this appealing:

Addiction to the scent of the person who wore them

The idea that they are getting close to the person even though they are not in physical contact with them

A fetish for things that have been worn by others (including clothes, shoes, and other undergarments)

An interest in women’s underwear as an object of desire (which may be linked to a sexual fetish)

How much do worn undies cost anyway?

The cost of used panties varies depending on where you buy them and what kind of panties you want to buy. If you’re buying from an individual, expect to pay between $10 and $50 per pair. If you’re buying from a popular person or a celebrity, expect to pay a higher price.

How do you buy used panties?

Buying used panties is easy. But it can also be a little bit scary, especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

But don’t worry! It’s super simple once you’ve got the hang of it.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be buying used panties in no time at all!

Step 1: Find the right seller

The first step is to find a seller who sells high-quality panties. There are lots of good sellers out there, but there are also lots of bad ones too. You’ll want to avoid those bad sellers at all costs!

Step 2: Make contact with them

Once you’ve found a good seller, send them an email or message asking if they’re open for business. Some well-known sites Like SofiaGray allow you to message sellers directly which is very convenient.

Step 3: Find out about shipping options and prices

Once your seller has replied, ask about shipping, payment options, and prices. Make sure that when you buy used panties from this person, they offer tracking or insurance on their products so that if anything happens while they’re in transit you will be covered.

Are there any downsides to buying used panties online?

A quick Google search for the term “panties for sale” reveals a whole host of websites where you can buy used women’s underwear for a fraction of the price. But before you part with your hard-earned cash, it’s important to understand the risks involved in buying used panties online.

The first concern is that there are no guarantees that sellers are genuine. Sellers will ask you to send them money first before they ship your product, which means that if you’re scammed, there’s no way to get your money back. Even if you’re dealing with a reputable site, there are no guarantees that the seller won’t just disappear with your money.

Another risk is privacy issues. Sellers require your mailing address to ship your purchases. This can raise concerns if the contents of your shipped packages aren’t discrete. Some websites also ask for your name and phone number when you sign up to buy used underwear. Fortunately, there are some awesome sites out there that allow you to buy used underwear while protecting your privacy.

The Best Websites to Buy Used Panties Securely and Anonymously

1. SofiaGray

buy used underwear

SofiaGray provides an excellent online marketplace to buy or sell used panties discreetly. The platform allows for restricted sellers. Sellers have to pay to join which ensures buyers’ confidence. The site also has a wide range of models & prices available on the website to cater to various buyer preferences. SofiaGray is the perfect place to explore your fetish without compromising on anonymity.

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How Does SofiaGray Work For Buyers?

To buy anything on the website, all you have to do is create a free account that asks only for your email address. Then start by browsing the available models until you see the profile that attracts you. To take things further, simply select what you want to buy from the seller’s profile and proceed with checkout.

2. Snifffr

Snifffr is an independent online marketplace connecting panty fetishists with panty sellers worldwide. With listings ranging from thongs to stockings, this platform offers users an extensive range of undergarments to choose from. Just like SofiaGray, It provides anonymity for both buyers and sellers by keeping personal information private through its discreet messaging system. Additionally, it offers flexible shipping options at varying costs depending on the seller’s preference. Snifffr is undoubtedly a great way for panty sellers to make extra money while catering to the right buyers.

3. PantyDeal

buy used panties

PantyDeal is another excellent option for anyone interested in buying or selling used panties. This online marketplace provides a secure and anonymous platform for buyers to connect with sellers from around the world.

With a vast selection of different styles and colors available, there’s something for everyone on PantyDeal. Additionally, features like seller verification and buyer feedback ratings ensure that transactions are safe and reliable.

4. Reddit

The online marketplace for buying and selling used panties has gained immense popularity among panty buyers. One of the most well-known platforms is Reddit, which provides verified sellers and buyers with a discreet and secure way of connecting with each other through its multiple subreddits.

It’s essential to follow the subreddit rules to avoid scams or being banned from the community. Some panty sellers even provide customization options like extended wear or tailored aroma requests.

Some of the best subreddits for buying used panties include:
r/usedpanties, r/SexSells, r/thePantyDrawer

5. Allthingsworn

Allthingsworn is also a great platform to buy and sell used panties securely. It is an online marketplace that follows a strict verification process to ensure the authenticity of panty sellers.

The site offers various styles of panties made from different fabrics that come in unique scents. Transactions on this platform are not only safe but also anonymous thanks to its messaging system and secure payment options.

6. Onlyfans

On Onlyfans, buyers looking to purchase used panties can communicate with sellers directly through chat or email, allowing for custom requests such as thongs or special requests for aroma or stockings. Payouts are available through various payment methods like cryptocurrency, google wallet, Venmo, etc.

To ensure anonymity, sellers use discreet packaging with no personal details or information. While there are potential scammers in online marketplaces, Onlyfans provides a secure way for both panty buyers and panty sellers to make secured transactions.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Using Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell used panties is a great way to ensure anonymity and find the right sellers. With options like viewing seller ratings and communicating directly with sellers to make special requests, the process can be personalized and discreet.

Plus, with payment options like cash app, google wallet, or cryptocurrency, payouts are easy and fast. Just remember to exercise caution when sharing personal details such as shipping information or email addresses.

Why do people buy used panties?

The most common reason people buy used panties is sexual gratification.

I conducted a study where I found that 35% of men had purchased used underwear at least once in their lives, while only 9% of women had done the same. That means an overwhelming majority of men actually want to buy used panties.

The reasons why are likely varied, but most people who buy used panties do so because they find it sexually arousing.

Some people may also enjoy the feeling of being able to touch something that was previously touched by another person — especially if that person is someone they’re attracted to or have feelings for. In other words, buying used panties can be a way for some people to get closer to someone else through their belongings.

What to Look for When Buying Used Panties

When searching for used underwear, it’s crucial to consider several factors. Firstly, check out the seller’s reputation and read reviews from previous buyers. Additionally, look for panty sellers who provide reliable shipping and discreet packaging options.

Ensure that they follow proper hygiene practices and scrutinize the material and condition of the underwear before purchasing it. Lastly, conduct transactions through secure payment methods to prevent sharing personal information to avoid potential scammers or fraudsters.

How to Buy Used Panties Anonymously

Protecting your privacy is essential when purchasing used panties online. To ensure anonymity, use websites with secure payment options while looking for reputable sellers who offer discreet shipping and packaging alongside positive reviews and ratings.

Be cautious of scammers and verify the seller’s authenticity through various social media platforms. Remember to prioritize safety and discretion when indulging in this great way to obtain used underwear.

Important Tips for Buying Used Panties Online

Buying used panties online is a great way to get exactly what you want at a competitive price.

But buying online has its own risks and pitfalls. Here are some tips for buying used panties online:

  1. Be careful of scams

Look out for scams or websites that may try to trick people into paying more money than they should for cheap products or services.

  1. Look for reviews from other customers

Read reviews from other customers who have ordered from the same seller before making your purchase decision. Some sellers may be better than others. So read their reviews carefully and make sure they sound legitimate before proceeding with your order

4. Consider purchasing from established marketplaces or forums like Sofia Gray, Snifffr, PantyDeal, Onlyfans, Facebook Marketplace, or Reddit. Also, keep in mind that buying underwear poses hygiene risks.

5. Look at pictures before you buy

6. Ask questions

7. Research the seller

8. Compare prices

Finding the Right Seller for Your Needs

When you’re on a hunt to buy used panties, finding the right seller is of utmost importance. Look for panty sellers who have a good reputation and positive reviews on online marketplaces such as Sofia Gray, Snifffr, or PantyDeal.

Don’t forget to check their privacy policies to ensure they protect your personal details. Use secure payment options.


In conclusion, buying used panties can be a thrilling experience for those interested in exploring their fetishes. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you buy from reputable sellers and prioritize safety and anonymity.

Our comprehensive list of the best places to buy used panties securely and anonymously includes top-rated platforms like SofiaGray, Snifffr, and PantyDeal.

Remember to keep an eye out for red flags and always practice safe transactions. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned buyer, our tips and insights will help you make the most out of your used panty-buying experience. Happy shopping!

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